TurboAnt X7 Max: The New Upgraded Version of X7 Pro

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The TurboAnt X7 Max is a new, innovative electric scooter that provides pleasant transportation over greater distances. The X7 Max serves as an upgraded version of the X7 Pro. You can travel up to 50 km on a single charge, and the front and back rubber wheels provide smooth and enjoyable traveling. This electric scooter's peak speed is 25 km/h.

The X7 Max boasts a foldable design with a clever grip above the back fender, making it simple to lift and maneuver the scooter. The speed is controlled by a clever thumb-throttle located above the handle, which also houses the electrical braking mechanism. An updated speedometer and battery level are available on the illuminated display. The product is a useful, portable, and compact electric scooter.


TurboAnt X7 Max Folding Electric Scooter


The Introduction to TurboAnt X7 Max

The TurboAnt X7 Max electric scooter, which has a sturdy stem, incredibly smooth acceleration, and is lightweight, is a serious competitor in the affordable commuter category. The X7 Max is not the quickest entry-level scooter, testing at 25 km/h. However, it offers a safe and smooth riding experience.

It has many mobilities and user-friendly characteristics that consumers value most, so it's a terrific model for novice riders. This set includes a high-mounted headlight, a comfortable thumb controller, a lightweight design, rapid folding that locks into place for convenient transport, and a tiny, folded footprint.



Regarding performance, the brilliant X7 Max delivers more than its predecessors. When checking the boxes for a smooth and environmentally friendly ride, this electric scooter and e-scooter manufacturer is among the finest on the market.

  • This electric scooter comes with a 10 Ah detachable battery. Therefore, you can replace the battery any time you want. Moreover, since the charging time is about 6 hours, you won't have to wait a long time to ride it again.
  • Additionally, the maximum range of 50 km is brilliant, considering that its predecessor X7 Pro only offers a range of 48 km. Therefore, you can enjoy more miles per charge.
  • The top speed of 25 km/h also serves as an additional boost during your daily commutes. So, riders can reach their destinations quicker than before and stay safe with the powerful braking system.
  • The 350W – 500 W brushless motor (a front hub motor) further adds to the overall performance of the scooter and gives you that extra edge you need to beat the daily traffic and reach your destination in time. Powerful delivery can also help the rider on uneven and rough terrains.
  • The electric scooter can handle a maximum rider weight of up to 125 kg. Therefore, it can be ideal for heavy riders who still want excellent range and power from their scooter.
  • The 15% climb capacity can help you conquer uneven terrains and even go uphill without issues.


detachable battery



TurboAnt exceeds all expectations in terms of design as well. Rather than surrendering to the conventional design layout, the company decided to join forces with innovation and upgrade the scooter's overall feel, starting with the additional lock feature.

  • The scooter comes with a brilliant stem battery lock, a new design for added security that can save you from thefts and tragedies. So, riders can park their scooter anywhere without worrying about security.
  • The 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires of X7 Max offer the conventional advantages of pneumatic tires. However, these have thicker sidewalls and are more resistant to flats. Pinch flats, in which the inner tube becomes inwardly squeezed and punctures, are not a concern. Additionally, using tire slime to repair tubeless tires has a better success rate with these tires.
  • You can enjoy an excellent ground clearance of 13.5 cm. Therefore, you won't have to worry about potholes or other obstacles during your commute.
  • The standing area on the TurboAnt's deck measures 49 cm. The height from deck to handlebar is 42 cm. The wide and spacious deck has a texturized rubber texture that gives maximum traction even when it's raining. You can enjoy a deck width of 12~17 cm.
  • You won't have to struggle too much to fold the scooter, and you can quickly fold it within 3 seconds. The unfolded size is 115 x 42 x 125 cm, whereas the folded size is 115 x 42 x 51 cm.
  • The entire scooter weighs 15.5 kg, making it a lightweight companion for your daily commute.
  • The X7 Max also comes with a large LCD to show the current battery levels and other useful information regarding the ride.
  • You can enjoy a 3-Watt headlight that is powerful enough to illuminate the road ahead and can be useful during nighttime rides. You can also enjoy an LED ambient light surrounding the scooter.





The scooter comes with three unique riding modes:

  • Eco Mode: This mode lets you enjoy a peak speed of 10 km/h while conserving your battery life. Therefore, you can use this for casual rides.
  • Comfort Mode: The Comfort Mode offers a well-balanced combination of speed and comfort. So, you can enjoy a peak speed of 20 km/h and still get decent power from the front hub motor.
  • Sport Mode: Lastly, if you want to get everything from your scooter, the Sport Mode can offer a peak speed of 25 km/h.




    Other Bells and Whistles

    You can enjoy cruise control and let the e-scooter take the wheel when you are not stuck in traffic. It can be quite helpful when the clear road and you want to enjoy the atmosphere.

    The dual braking system offers enhanced security, and you can quickly come to a stop smoothly if you face any obstacles. This braking system will keep you balanced and still let you halt your ride without any balancing issues.


    Why Should You Think About TurboAnt X7 Max?

    The TurboAnt X7 Max is an affordable electric scooter with a replaceable battery pack that travels at least 50 km on a single charge. You can replace the battery pack when the X7 Max runs out of power. The pack is also light enough, and you can carry it in a backpack. The X7 Max performs brilliantly and has a reliable folding mechanism and powerful brakes. It is presently one of the cheapest electric scooters on the market with a detachable battery and a direct rival to some of the priciest alternatives available.

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