Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Fat Tire E-Bike
TurboAnt E-Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Fat Tire E-Bike
TurboAnt E-Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike
Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike

Nebula N1 Fat Tire Electric Bike

An invincible all-terrain e-bike equipped with a detachable battery for any adventure
The N1 is sold out for now, but you can still enjoy the riding fun with the X7 Pro E-Scooter!

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Effortless All-Terrain Rides on Robust Fat Tires
Always ready to handle paved roads, rocky surfaces, twisty forest trails, and more.

Powerful Motor

Strong Power

Pumps up your ride for amazing smoothness on all surface types

Rapid Acceleration

Roll back the throttle and get your adventures started

80 Nm Maximum Torque

Spin up your wheels to tackle any incline

25km/h Top Speed

Add a dose of excitement to every ride

Easy-to-Remove, Long-Lasting Integrated Battery

  • 672 Wh

    A powerful and reliable battery allows you to ride with peace of mind

  • 100 km

    A longer maximum range makes typically out-of-reach activities possible

In-Bike Charging

Off-Bike Charging

Consistently Stronger Ride

26 Inch × 4 Inch Fat Tires

Puncture-resistant wheels A more secure feel with a stronger grip
3.1-Inch Adjustable Front Suspension
Minimizes bike shaking and makes even the bumpiest surfaces feel smooth
Leather-Covered Handlebar Grips
Feel warm to the touch and provide a nice grip
Easy-to-Read LCD Display
Gives a clear overview of essential riding data at a glimpse
5-Level Pedal Assist
Perfect for all purposes from joy rides to take in the scenery to pure speed thrills

Safety-First Riding Design

Disc Brake
Riders can customize the braking distance to as short as 16.4 feet (5 m), enabling them to ride with full control and full confidence on a variety of surfaces with a reliable ability to brake.
LED Headlight & Taillight
The 2 W white front LED light illuminates the road ahead up to 16.4 feet, making it possible to navigate in the dark. The red taillight also blinks when braking to warn the pedestrians and vehicles behind.




Internal 48 V × 14 Ah

Samsung/LG battery


60–100 km


250 W brushless gear motor

Max. Payload Capacity

264 lb (120 kg)

Recommended Rider Height

5′3″–6′4″ (1.6–2 m)


48 V 18 A


LCD display

Product Weight

72.8 lb (33 kg)

Pedal Assistance

5 levels




26" × 4.0" Kenda fat tires

Front Fork

RST Adjustable alloy front fork

Brake Lever

Tektro aluminum alloy grip lever



Rear Light

Brake taillight


Borita pedal


Shimano freewheel


Aluminum alloy 6061


Tektro Aries brake (7.1 in/180 mm)

Front Light

48 V LED light


KMC chain


VELO Plush VL6221


Promax MA-593S

Seat Post

Zoom seat post

(diameter 1.25 in/31.8 mm and length 13.8 in/350 mm)


Prowheel 42T forged alloy

(6.7 in/170 mm)


Aluminum alloy


Shimano 7-speed derailleur


12-gauge stainless steel


*Recommended Rider Height: 1.6–2 m(5′3″–6′4″)

A - Total Length

198 cm (78 in)

B - Handlebar Height

114,3  cm (45 in)

C - Wheelbase

128,27 cm (50,5 in)

D - Minimum Seat Height

77,47 cm (30,5 in)

E - Maximum Seat Height

97,79 cm (38,5 in)

F - Chain Length

50,8 cm (20 in)

G - Standover Height

74.42 cm (29.3 in)

H - Top Tube Length

55,88 cm (22 in)

I - Wheel Diameter

71.12 cm (28 in)

J - Head Tube Length

17,78 cm (7 in)

K - Handlebar Length

72,39 cm (28,5 in)



  • 1 x N1 Electric Bike

    (90% assembled)

  • 1 x Rear wheel
  • 2 x Pedals
  • 1 x Fender
  • 1 x Headlight
  • 1x Quick release lever
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Toolkit
  • 2 x Keys
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Q & A

Is assembly of the e-bike easy?

All TurboAnt e-bikes come 90% pre-assembled with a toolkit containing everything that needed plus an easy-to-follow user manual.

What is the recommended rider's height?

The recommended rider height is 5'3"-6'4"(1.6 m-2 m).

What is the waterproof rating on bikes? Can I ride it in the rain?

All TurboAnt e-bikes are IP65 rated. We recommend against riding in the rain for your safety.

Where can I ride this e-bike?

Recommended places to ride the e-bike include designated bike lanes, trails, and other areas where bikes are permitted.

Should I completely drain the battery before charging?

No. But frequent charges will affect the battery life. We recommend charging the battery only when it is at a low battery level.

Do TurboAnt e-bikes have throttle assist?

It is according to laws and regulations of different countries: 1. Both throttle assist and pedal assist are available for US-version e-bikes. 2. Only pedal assist is available for European-version e-bikes.

Is the handlebar height adjustable on bikes?

The handlebar height of the T1, N1, and R1 e-bike models cannot be adjusted. The handlebar height of the S1 e-bike model can be adjusted.

How far can I go on a single charge?

This TurboAnt e-bike has a range of up to 60 miles if you fully charge the battery. However, the actual range depends on various factors such as terrain types, wind, and load. We recommend you follow riding instructions in the user manual to maximize your riding range.

Is this battery removable?

Yes. You can take out the battery for charging or storage. Please be careful when removing this battery from the bicycle frame in case of damage. For details, please refer to the user manual.

What is the lifespan of the battery?

This battery has a lifespan of 3 years. However, its lifespan will be influenced by various factors such as charging operation, riding habits, and battery maintenance. It’s strongly recommended that you follow the user manual for battery operation and maintenance.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

A full charge takes up to 7 hours. You can read the LED lights to check the battery level when the battery is being charged.

Which terrain type is suitable for this e-bike?

Fat tires enable this type of e-bikes to perform well in all terrain types, such as city roads, rugged roads, and beaches.

Can this e-bike still function as a regular bicycle when the battery runs out?

Yes. If the battery dies, you can still ride this e-bike as a normal bicycle.